390RMB for one entry ticket about ice festival at Harbin ice and snow world 

Purchase Harbin Ice festival entrance ticket ..
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 Harbin ice lantern festival will open around 20 December 2023, we offer one-stop service, winter clothes rental, car rental, entry tickets booked,  reach us email: harbintourguide@163.com  WeChat: icefestivalharbin 

Plan Harbin winter Holiday with us 2023-202..
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 Harbin also has many hightslights in Summer time in Harbin , Heilongjiang Province, China, you can spend 10 days holiday  like Chanbai mountains, jingbohu, wudalianchi, 

Harbin Summer Tours China
2023/5/25 14:01:20
Rent winter clothes in Harbin, you need wear very warm for Harbin ice festival tour, We offer winter warm clothing rental in Harbin for 2022-2023  contact wechat icefestivalharbin  or email  harbintourguide@163.com

Harbin Winter Clothing Rental2023-2024
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Please  reach us via harbintourguide@163.com   or call+86 18745759496   for your Harbin private tour request, currently  our Submit Form  does not work, we can not get your leave messages, Samantha will reply you in 4 hours.

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Our HarbinTour Guides

Providing you with the best and most experienced Harbin local English-speaking private tour guide to match your needs, is what Harbin Private Tour Guide is all about.
We work only with licensed Harbin tour guides with years of proven experience. All of our Harbin Tour Guides come with excellent references and are highly recommended by their colleagues. 
Harbin tour guides are usually native Harbin who specialize in private or small group guidance. They know every route  such as Ice Fesitval at Harbin Ice and Snow World,  Sunisland for Snow Sculpture Fair, Siberian  tiger park and historical landmarks, including places you will not hear or read about in any written guide.

 Samantha Song -HarbinLocal Private  English-speaking Tour Guide- Harbin Private Tour Guide Founder


 Hi, I’am a Harbin native with an excellent level of spoken English and I want to show you Harbin in a way you’ll remember. After graduating from Harbin Normal University, I spend 4 years in Beijing, working in international companies where I loved meeting people from so many different countries. So when I came back to my hometown Harbin, I was inspired to show the sights of Harbin to the world! I felt that had the passion, the experience and the love of communication to do the job well! I became a private English-speaking tour guide in Harbin in 2011 and love showing people my city.

I have been an English-speaking tour guide for seven years now and I’m passionate about this job. I can help you plan your Harbin VIP tour, private tour, provide transport, arrange airport pick-up and drop off and great places to eat. My private tours are tailored to your particular interests and enthusiasms.

If you want to do a family trip or group trip, that is great! I have a lot of experience with family, senior and group trips. I like children and have child of my own , she is 5 years old. My tour vehicle is comfortable, clean and no-smoking for all the family, and with my license and certificates, I can help you arrange Harbin attractions entrance tickets a head and accompany you go into attractions. for more information please Email to harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin

 I look forward to meeting you.


Helen Liu -Harbin Local Private English-speaking Tour Guide 

I’m Helen in Harbin, Welcome to Harbin for a vacation, Harbin is the world of ice and snow, Harbin is the paradise of vacation also, there are enthusiastic people and an enthusiastic guide, waiting for everyone to come. If life is a journey, I hope we can meet in Harbin, let’s feel the joy of travel and the meaning of life together. Welcome to Harbin, I look forward to meeting you in Harbin, thank you.

harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin




Toby Zhao-Harbin English-speaking Tour Guide

Hello, I’m Toby,  an English-speaking tour guide in Harbin city, I’m friendly and enthusiastic to everyone in my life.

Hope you can travel with me, I certainly let you play happy and enjoy your trip.

I also hope that during your stay in Harbin city. You can not only satisfy your eyes and stomach but also experience the real Harbin local culture. I like the kind of fulfilling and free job, so I was in college I chose tourism as my major, I love this job.

 Welcome to travel with me, I’m Toby, Travel with Toby, will be happy!

harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin




Joanna Zhou-Harbin English-speaking Tour Guide 

Hello,everyone.My English name is Joanna.

I am an English Speaking  tour guide live in Harbin, and I have been working as a private guide for several years.There is a unique Ice and Snow World beautiful snow kingdom of fairy tales in the world.Come here and I will take you to experience the local citizen's life style and the northern Chinese folk culture .I believe you gonna have a unforgetable trip in Harbin.

harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin




David Han-Harbin Local Private  English-speaking Tour Guide 


David Han, college degree, was born in Harbin 1981. Been granted with the certification of the professional tour guide ,I have worked as a conscientious and hardworking one since 2009, which presents me with the greet infatuation and the extensive experience in traveling and tourism. Lots of foreign tourists chose to make friend with me , and we share the different information  and understanding about our own culture. Ok welcome to my hometown Harbin at last, and I will bring you a Harbin that is willing to show every sides of hers. Come on and get the unforgettable trip that will be different from every other one you took and beyond your expectation

harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin




Sera Hao-Harbin Private English-speaking Tour Guide


Hello my name is Sera Hao, I was born in the Heilongjiang province, Harbin is my hometown. Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang provice, has many famous scenic spots and local delicious food, such as: center street,  St. Sophia church, Harbin ice and snow world,  Sunisland snow sculpture exhibition, Russian town and so on. I work as local private English-speaking tour guide, I’m very proud of this job which can achieve self-worth. Different trips meet all kinds of people from all over the world. I can learn much from them. During the trip , I like to introduce the information of the Harbin, the beautiful sites,the most delicious food of local  for them.  I’m optimistic person , warm-hearted,easygoing.  I’m energetic and enthusiastic. At leisure time ,  I like to look for the delicious food  to taste and see movies. Hope you come to Harbin for trip, I’m delight to have friends from afar, I would like to extand a warm welcome to you ,I’m very delighted to work for you on your tour in Harbin. For the entire trip, I will accommodate you the best we can .Being ready to take your suggestion and advice regarding my service.I will wait for you in Harbin.

harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin





Fiana Liu-Harbin Local Private English-speaking Tour Guide

My name is Fiana. I am a qualified and professional tour guide with rich experience. Follow me,and you will enjoy your holiday very much. Guests will see the most beautiful scenery in Harbin. Guests will also experience the unique ice and snow culture and activities with me. When you are starting your holiday,are you very upset about the following problems? Such as what’s the most delicious local food? What is the most convenient routine to the scenery spot? What do you need to prepare when you travel here?etc. If you are bothered by all these problems,don’t worry, I-Fiana will help you to deal with all your difficulties. I have rich experience in providing guests an impressive tour in Harbin. I am pretty careful and patient. I will provide my considerate tour service to each guest. I will recommend the delicious local food for you as well. I am a local citizen who was born in Harbin.So I know Harbin very well. Come on. You will appreciate your choice.

harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin



Harbin Local Private Driver Mr. Dong- Chinese-speaking with Translator

Mr. Dong, He is from Harbin, and local person, his car is black Honda Accord,  B level 4-door sedan car,clean, no-smoking and air-conditioner

harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin




 Harbin Local Private Driver Mr. Zou- Chinese-speaking with Traslator

 Mr.Zou, He is from Harbin and local person, his car is Toyota Camry  B level 4-door sedan car,clean, no-smoking and air-conditioner

harbintourguide@163.com or WeChat: icefestivalharbin










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