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The 21st  Ice and Snow  Festival will open around  23 of December  on  2019, welcome to contact Harbin Private Tour Guide  chinasamantha@aliyun.com ,  we will make a good plan for you and your fam

The 21st Ice and Snow Festival Harbin
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The Jewish in Harbin
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 I am so excited got the book Jewish in Harbin, it is good design book, I was thinking I can find a lots of story about Jewish in Harbin, finally I just spend couple hours to finish, from the very first days of establishment of the city at the end of the 19th century, its history was bound to the Jewish settlement there, not only as a vibrant community which existed from 19.3 until 1962, but as an active participant in her development.

In Harbin the Jewish community found a fertile soil wish nourished all the public institutions of the city-Jewish spiritual center, four synagogues( the main synagogue, the new synagogue, the house of prayer at the old age home and the synagogue in Modiagou); the Jewish hospital; two Jewish schools; a shelter for elderly; a home for the invalid; a free soup kitchen; the Jewish people’s bank; a dozen or so charitable organizations; the Jewish press(Yevreuskaya Jyzn and Hadegel” the Zionist Movement and Zionist Youth Organizations Brit Trumpeldor(Betar) and Maccabi.

Harbin was a city from which the Jewish emigration to their homeland began as early in the 1920.

Those period Jewish got good life in Harbin, but after Japanese occupy Harbin, some Jewish also persecuted and killed, so at last they went to all over the world, leave to Harbin is memories and sites, and I can feel the prosperity of the pass and the peace of the present.

Welcome Harbin Jewish from all over the world come home and I would like to taking looking around. Contact me chinasamantha@aliyun.com or harbintourguide@163.com

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