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 Harbin also has many hightslights in Summer time in Harbin , Heilongjiang Province, China, you can spend 10 days holiday  like Chanbai mountains, jingbohu, wudalianchi, 

Harbin Summer Tours China
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Harbin Day Tours
A historical site in Harbin where Russians lived
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 September 18 on 2023, Monday,  Welcome to reach Samantha Song via Email: harbintourguide@163.com    or chinasamantha@aliyun.com

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 A historical site in Harbin where Russians lived and studied a hundred years ago.

Samantha Song met her clients, Irina , who from Australia, her mother is Russians who lived in Harbin, left China on 1957, and her grandparents also came to Harbin from Russians during 1920, before they lived Hailar, after moved to Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China, Irina with her husband came to Harbin to find out her mother and grandparents who lived places in Harbin, She found Samantha Song from online, Irina told Samantha “her family comes from Harbin, she is a descendant of the Harbin Russians. Her mother grew up in Haerbin, before they left for Australia in 1957 and she have grown up with stories of Harbin from her early childhood. She would to see possibly where they lived in Modigauo the places she went to, the churches where they worshipped, the Harbin institute where she studied engineering.” And also Irina said “it was so important for my mother that I should come and so important for me to reconnect with my family history” Samantha got her email, and wrote back to her, next day Samantha meet them at their Harbin hotel lobby, morning time was raining, the traffic was terrible, also is Monday, after Samantha got off subway, she saw terrible traffic, she did not take taxi or bus to Irina hotel, she ran in rain with umbrella for 2.3kg, before 5 minutes Samantha arrive at hotel,(private car go to hotel from different way, Samantha do not allow driver later) Samantha try to never later, Irina also meet Samantha on time at hotel lobby, Irina showed the old Harbin map with Russia, Irina had some detailed instructions what the places look like, Samantha can figure out where it is in Harbin, if not sure Samantha also ask her group people help to search online from their way , they work together, lucky, all places Samantha had ideas where should go, first Samantha took Irina and her husband to Harbin Institute of Technology, Irina saw old Institute building , and called her mother in Australia in video, that she is 92 years old, she told there was embassy just opposite institute, She got pictures about buildings Irina’s mother was very exciting and happy, next to Nangang where Russians lived areas, they went to visited Nangang museum, a lot of information talked about Russian time 1900-1930 about Harbin building and life, continue to Nikolai Cathedra location, although Nikolai Cathedra had destroyed during China culture revolution on 1966-1976, but location has builded Hongpo square, near by Churin Corporation and some old time churches, Irina’s mother lived around Nikolai cathedra, after they went to in front street go to Zhongshan road went to Irina mother house location, it is behind workers cultural palace, No.40 yingbu street, her mother in front of Church, but church was not exit any more, and wood factory also not exit, everything has gone, with new buildings, Irina knew will like this, she just walking on street feel her mother was did before, next continue to shike street church her mother worshipped, lucky they got into church, spend some time inside church, Irina go to top, Irina mentioned everything about church, still looked like that, there is hold underground, just inside church new decoration and arrangement, also video her mother, her mother can see, it was busy day, eat Harbin dumplings for break, Irina and her husband like Harbin dumpling very much, Irina said her grandma also cook dumplings like Harbin dumplings, they had good and relax meal, then go the music school, also can call music hall in Harbin tongjian street, history building, still keep very beautiful, Irina and her husband had a busy day and got what they want, they was very happy and succeed about Harbin trip. Samantha also very happy that she did her offer, help guesses get what they want in Harbin.

Welcome to reach Samantha Song via Email: harbintourguide@163.com    or chinasamantha@aliyun.com 

WeChat: icefestivalharbin



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